All Outsourcing is not created Equal 

Your team

  •    It is easy to find a temporary and specialized fill for a short period of time, but you will continually need to retrain new resources.  At Equipe, you will receive high-caliber resources that will follow through project completion. You will have a familiar team without hiring full-time.
  • We want to match your culture and work styles with our resources.  

Our team 

  •  We work along-side the healthcare facility and/or  software company to  implement the most effective and strategic plan regarding the project at hand.


  •    We want you to have the resources you need.  We give you the freedom to use a whole team at one sum price (versus an hourly pay) or just one resource.  The good news is, if you hire one person you are also hiring the team they call on for help. 
  •    Independent contractors are not usually trained or instructed by the company.  Our department serves an exclusive contract with you so we can ensure your workload is handled under your company restrictions and protocol.
  •    We are a resource that vets people to ensure they know about the hospital industry—they have more than just technology training.  Our work environment is competent, open and collaborative.